DeAnn Christensen is a self-taught mixed media artist who creates vibrant visual memoirs of acrylic, oil and mixed media. Whether canvas, collage, pastel or three dimensional assemblages, her diverse works are vibrant and playful, sometimes nostalgic, and other times conceptual images designed to indiscriminately provoke.

She is inspired by the human condition, her love of nature, travel, and a deep sense of spirituality.

She exhibited in Houston 2019-2022, participating in various exhibits such as “Flight of the Monarch”, “End of the Tunnel”, “Color Story”, “Space” and “Best of Both Worlds” as well as in various Hill Country Galleries.

She is opening the “Christensen Gallery” at 505 Main in Blanco, Texas Spring 2023 where you can view art from global artists as well as her own creations.

DeAnn Christensen

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