Christensen Gallery

DeAnn Christensen is a self-taught mixed media artist who creates vibrant visual memoirs of acrylic, oil and mixed media. Whether canvas, collage, pastel or three dimensional assemblages, her diverse works are vibrant and playful, sometimes nostalgic, and other times conceptual images designed to indiscriminately provoke. She is inspired by the human condition, her love of […]

4th Street Gallery

4th Street Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery in Blanco, Texas. We are a venue for Texas artists and beyond with a special eye on artists with roots in Blanco and the Hill Country area. We look forward to meeting you in the coming days!

We are loving the gatherings of big, bright stars on these autumn nights, so we are donating five percent of the proceeds from our On Gathering exhibition to Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky, a non-profit dedicated to protecting our view of the stars at night, deep in the heart of Texas.

Buggy Barn Museum & Pine Moore Town

The Buggy Barn Museum and Pine-Moore Town will take you back in time. Over 100 unique buggies, carriages and wagons dating back to the 1800’s. Some of the carriages have been used in moves such as: True Grit, Lonesome Dove, Hidalgo, There Will Be Blood, and many more. View the buggies and carriages used in The Son, 1883 and Revolution as well. Take in the museum and tour the Old West Town, complete with an old mercantile building, bank, saloon and a church. There is no living museum like it!


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