Andalusia Whiskey

Tommy Erwin and Ty Phelps met while working at Real Ale Brewing Company. It didn’t take long for a friendship to form, and after several years of Tommy running the lab as the microbiologist and Ty brewing as a lead brewer, the two friends decided to take a leap of faith and open their own place – a whiskey distillery. With their combined backgrounds in brewing, chemistry, biology, culinary arts, and restaurant management (to name a few), Tommy and Ty took the plunge into the world of whiskey. Whiskey takes water – a lot of water – and as one of our most precious resources here in Texas, we knew we wanted to make sustainable choices as a business. So we consciously made the decision to put in a 56,000 gallon rain water collection tank to help us conserve as much water as possible.

Furthermore, our production facility is a zero waste facility. We feed our spent grain (grain that is left over after the mashing process) to Ty’s livestock that surround the distillery. The sheep, cattle, chickens and our llama, Dolly, all benefit from this byproduct of the distilling process.

Milam & Greene Whiskey

Milam & Greene was created by founder Marsha Milam, whiskey expert and Master Blender Heather Greene, Kentucky veteran Master Distiller Marlene Holmes and Chief Brewer Jordan Osborne. Our charming distillery sits in the lush, Texas Hill Country where the hot summers, mild winters, and wild temperature variances add spark and personality to our spirit. To achieve excellence, we bring in grains, yeast, barrels and experience from all across America to create our award-winning whiskies.
Milam & Greene has truly shaken up the industry by harnessing a deep passion for whiskey and bringing so many different skills to the whiskey table. We’re the only independently owned and operated company in America that openly embraces a multitude of traditional and innovative ways to make a stunning spirit under one label.

Buggy Barn Museum & Pine Moore Town

The Buggy Barn Museum and Pine-Moore Town will take you back in time. Over 100 unique buggies, carriages and wagons dating back to the 1800’s. Some of the carriages have been used in moves such as: True Grit, Lonesome Dove, Hidalgo, There Will Be Blood, and many more. View the buggies and carriages used in The Son, 1883 and Revolution as well. Take in the museum and tour the Old West Town, complete with an old mercantile building, bank, saloon and a church. There is no living museum like it!


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